High Throughput N-Glycan Screening



High throughput N-glycan screening provided for your various product development needs. Samples are prepared using ProZyme's GlykoPrep N-Glycan sample preparation platform and then analyzed by UHPLC-FLR. As short as a 1-week turn-around-time for up to 100 samples.

We can provide services for all of your product development needs.

Cell Culture Development

Samples as crude as clarified cell culture media can be processed. Analysis of various time points and conditions can be easily analyzed to support your cell culture development program's needs.

Process Development

Purification process development can impact product quality in a variety of ways, including some impact on glycosylation. ProZyme can provide rapid anlayis for your various process intermediates to help you determine the best process flow for your needs.

Formulations Development

Finding the right product formulation can be difficult. Formulations can affect various product quality aspects, including glycosylation. ProZyme can provide rapid analysis of your various formulations to support your program needs.

Stability Studies

Forced stability and long-term stability studies can reveal various changes to product quality. Among those attributes is glycosylation. ProZyme can provide rapid analysis of your various studies