Gly-Q™ Glycan Analysis System [GQ2100]



Complete Integrated System for N-Glycan Analysis
The Gly-Q system is designed as a complete system for rapid analysis of oligosaccharides such as N-glycans, and includes an instrument, replaceable cartridges, software and sample preparation kits. The instrument is comprised of a capillary gel electrophoresis (CGE) core integrated with a high sensitivity LED-induced fluorescence (LEDIF) detector and 96-well autosampler. The replaceable Gly-Q cartridge automatically regenerates the capillary gel between runs and can be used for up to 150 sample injections. Gly-Q Manager software provides integrated system control, data analysis and data export functions. InstantQ™ dye, provided in the Gly-X N-Glycan Rapid Release and Labeling with InstantQ kit, is specifically designed for N-glycan separation and detection using the Gly-Q instrument.

Gly-X Technology with InstantQ Dye 
ProZyme Gly-X 5-minute deglycosylation with N-Glycanase™ (PNGase F) is enabled by a proprietary denaturant reagent that enhances exposure of N-glycan sites to rapid enzymatic cleavage. Gly-X achieves complete, unbiased in-solution deglycosylation of up to 40 μg glycoprotein per sample. Followed immediately by labeling with InstantQ dye (1 minute), and a simple clean-up step (elution into water), the glycan samples are ready for analysis using the Gly-Q instrument. With deglycosylation and labeling carried out in solution, the method is simple, rapid (96 samples in 1 hour) and suitable for automation. The Gly-X with InstantQ sample preparation kit is available in a modular format with reagents to prepare from 24 to 96 samples. InstantQ labeled standards and controls are also available

CE Designed for Rapid Glycan Analysis
Gly-Q is a small, simple, user friendly capillary electrophoresis (CE) system with an easily-replaceable gel cartridge. The 147 mm capillary mounted into the cartridge contains a gel matrix that is replenished from the top reservoir of the cartridge automatically between sample runs. The reservoir provides sufficient gel for up to 150 sample separations. Gly-Q Manager Software provides a simple sample set-up in both a 96-well plate and table view. Standards, controls and system buffers are loaded into dedicated wells on the instrument. After sequence set-up, place the InstantQ labeled samples on the autosampler and press start. Special solvents and diluents are not required.

Automated & Simplified for Rapid Screening

Gly-Q Manager software provides simplified data analysis that enables rapid screening of samples as well as more detailed analysis. The software automatically aligns electropherograms with GU values and, where possible, assigns N-glycans. The ProZyme global processing method contains GU values for 46 N-glycans. This component table can be easily modified to contain any set of expected N-glycans and saved as a new processing method. Entire data sets or individual samples can be re-processed without loss of the original analysis. The interactive interface allows one to zoom in on areas of interest, and to compare data across samples and experiments. Peak name, GU units, relative peak area, total area and other calculations are displayed for each sample in the table. Data can be exported as QDF, PDF, CSV as well as CDF for making reports in additional software packages.



Gly-Q Instrument

Throughput 96 samples in 4.5 hours
Separation time 2 min
Capillary length 147 mm (total), 114 mm (working)
Input voltage 100-240V, 40-60Hz
Output voltage 1-15kV
Light source LED (310 nm)
Fluorescence detector PMT, 18 bit, >385nm
Computer connection USB
Physical dimensions 30x38x40 cm
Weight 15 kg
Ordering Info

Gly-Q System

Product Code Description
GQ2100 Gly-Q Glycan Analysis System*

*Gly-Q System includes instrument, pressure pump, priming station, Gly-Q Manager software, and a 1-year warranty.


Tech Info

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