Workflow Solutions for High-Speed Glycan Analysis: From Glycan Prep to Separation and Mass Spec Analysis

GEN Webinars
Published on Apr 1, 2015


Glycosylation profoundly affects the efficacy and safety of therapeutic proteins, influencing their biological activity, serum half-life, and immunogenicity. This post-translational modification, determined to a large degree by choice of expression systems, particularly impacts the function of antibodies and other therapeutic proteins with essential N-glycosylation sites.

The critical nature of N-glycosylation requires that protein analytical scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry characterize and monitor glycosylation regardless of whether they are working on innovator, biosimilar, or biobetter therapeutic molecules.

While N-glycan analysis remains challenging and time-consuming, hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) of released, fluorescently labeled N-glycans offers a powerful, robust, and scalable approach to glycosylation analysis applicable in the research and development lab through to quality control.

Webinar panelists will discuss critical steps in achieving efficient workflow emphasizing sample prep and separation optimization as key elements for successful N-glycan analysis. Oscar Potter, Ph.D., research scientist, will lead the discussion on the workflow for relative quantitation of N-glycans using a novel HILIC column with UHPLC/HPLC and FLD. James Martosella, applications scientist, will review the steps of the glycan prep for this analysis. In addition, Sonja Schneider, applications scientist, will show how to interpret the fluorescence chromatogram and assign N-glycan structures through the use of online mass spectrometry with a QTOF. Finally, Aled Jones will provide information about the use of a modular platform that streamlines glycoprotein sample preparation, enabling purification, glycan release, and labeling.


Streamlining N-Glycan Sample Preparation

Published on Oct 2, 2012




Agilent Technologies and ProZyme introduce a collaborative solution for automated N-glycan sample preparation. See how Agilent's AssayMAP Technology and Prozyme's GlykoPrep-plus provide labeled N-glycans ready for analysis in hours.