Ordering Information

Please note: ProZyme Becomes Agilent Technologies on August 5, 2019.
For information on how your current ordering process will change, please see our News Article.
Online ordering from prozyme.com has been discontinued. 

Important Dates

Our offices will be closed on the following holidays:


Ordering Methods

Telephone orders can be placed 8 am to 5 pm PST (-8:00 GMT). Online, email and fax orders may be sent at any time.

For orders placed outside of our hours of operation, contact information can be left via voicemail, and a sales associate will return your call as soon as possible.


Online sales may be made from addresses in the USA only. Click "Get Quote" on the Checkout page to receive a quotation for international orders. 


Orders:  orders@prozyme.com


Toll-free: (800) 457-9444

Phone:  (510) 638-6900


Fax:  (510) 638-6919
Alternate fax:  (510) 300-3460

Ordering within the US

Required Information

NOTE:  We charge sales tax on all orders shipped to customers in California unless we have a copy of a current State Resale Certificate.


Because many of our products are perishable, we ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for next-day delivery (exception: room temperature items).  Due to the possibility of packages being delayed in transit, we prefer not to ship on Thursday or Friday.

Shipping charges for online orders: $50

Ordering from ProZyme Europe
European orders outside of the UK can be placed through ProZyme Europe. UK orders can be placed through Europa Bioproducts. 

Required Information



Orders:  orders@prozyme.com

Ordering from ProZyme Global Distributors

International orders not covered by ProZyme Europe can be placed through ProZyme's Global Distributors or you can order from ProZyme Inc. directly if there is no distributor in your area.

Required Information

We will confirm orders by phone, fax or email before shipping.


Payment Methods

Payment can be made via the following ways: 

For credit card orders, we require

NOTE: For international orders placed directly, pre-payment is required.