N-Glycan Standards

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For glycan masses, see the product pages and our downloadable Excel file listing masses of adduct ions of unlabeled and labeled glycans for mass spectrometry work. The positive mode tab shows glycans labeled by 2-AB, InstantAB, 2-AA, Procainamide and InstantPC. The negative mode tab shows glycans labeled by 2-AB, InstantAB, 2-AA, Procainamide and APTS. 

Glycan ProZyme name Oxford name1 CFG structure2 Unlabeled InstantPC InstantAB 2-AB 2-AA InstantQ APTS
Complex-type Native N-Glycans
G0-N NGA2-N A1   GKPC-401 GKSB-401 GKSQ-401 GKSP-401
G0 NGA2 A2 GKC-004300 GKPC-301 GKIB-301 GKSB-301 GKSA-301 GKSQ-301 GKSP-301
G0F-N NGA2F-N F(6)A1 GKPC-402 GKSB-402 GKSQ-402 GKSP-402
G0F NGA2F F(6)A2 GKC-004301 GKPC-302 GKIB-302 GKSB-302 GKSA-302 GKSQ-302 GKSP-302
G0FB NGA2FB F(6)A2B GKC-004311 GKSB-303
G1 NA2G1 A2G1 GKC-014300 GKPC-317 GKIB-317 GKSB-317 GKSQ-317 GKSP-317
G1F NA2G1F F(6)A2G1 GKC-014301 GKPC-316 GKIB-316 GKSB-316 GKSA-316 GKSQ-316 GKSP-316
G2 NA2 A2G(4)2 GKC-024300 GKPC-304 GKIB-304 GKSB-304 GKSA-304 GKSQ-304 GKSP-304
G2F NA2F F(6)A2G(4)2 GKC-024301 GKPC-305 GKIB-305 GKSB-305 GKSA-305 GKSQ-305 GKSP-305
G2FB NA2FB F(6)A2BG(4)2 GKC-024311 GKSB-306
G1S1 (α2,3) A2G(4)1S(3)1     GKPC-329
G1S1 (α2,6) A2G(4)1S(6)1     GKPC-319 
G1FS1 (α2,3) FA2G(4)1S(3)1    GKPC-330
G1FS1 (α2,6) FA2G(4)1S(6)1    GKPC-320
G2S1 (α2,3) A1 (α2,3) A2G(4)2S(3)1 GKPC-321 GKSQ-321
G2S1 (α2,6) A1 (α2,6) A2G(4)2S(6)1 GKC-124300 GKPC-311 GKIB-311 GKSB-311 GKSA-311 GKSQ-311 GKSP-311
G2FS1 (α2,3) A1F (α2,3) F(6)A2G(4)2S(3)1 GKPC-325 GKSQ-325
G2FS1 (α2,6) A1F (α2,6) F(6)A2G(4)2S(6)1 GKC-124301 GKPC-315 GKIB-315 GKSB-315 GKSA-315 GKSQ-315 GKSP-315
G2S2 (α2,3) A2 (α2,3) A2G(4)2S(3)2 GKPC-322 GKSQ-322
G2S2 (α2,6) A2 (α2,6) A2G(4)2S(6)2 GKC-224300 GKPC-312 GKIB-312 GKSB-312 GKSA-312 GKSQ-312 GKSP-312
G2FS2 (α2,3) A2F (α2,3) F(6)A2G(4)2S(3)2 GKPC-323 GKSQ-323
G2FS2 (α2,6) A2F (α2,6) F(6)A2G2S(6)2 GKC-224301 GKPC-313 GKIB-313 GKSB-313 GKSA-313 GKSQ-313 GKSP-313
G2F with 2 alpha gal


F(6)A2G(4)2Ga(3)2 GKPC-318 GKSB-318 GKSQ-318 GKSP-318
G1F with 1 alpha gal NA2G1FGa1 F(6)A2G(4)1Ga(3)1 GKPC-403 GKSQ-403
G2F with 1 alpha gal NA2FGa1 F(6)A2G(4)2Ga(3)1 GKPC-404 GKSQ-404
A3 NGA3 A3 GKC-005300 GKIB-307 GKSB-307 GKSA-307
G3 NA3 A3G(4)3 GKC-035300 GKSB-308 GKSA-308
G3S3 (α2,6) A3 (α2,6) A3G(4)3S(6)3 GKC-335300 GKSB-314 GKSQ-314
A4 NGA4 A4 GKC-006300 GKSB-309 GKSA-309
G4 NA4 A4G(4)4 GKC-046300 GKSB-310
High Mannose-type Native N-Glycans
Man5 MAN-5 M5 GKM-002500 GKPC-103 GKIB-103 GKSB-103 GKSA-103 GKSQ-103 GKSP-103
Man6 MAN-6 M6 GKM-002600 GKPC-104 GKIB-104 GKSB-104 GKSA-104 GKSQ-104 GKSP-104
Man7 MAN-7 M7 GKM-002700 GKPC-105 GKIB-105 GKSB-105 GKSA-105 GKSQ-105 GKSP-105
Man8 MAN-8 M8 GKM-002800 GKPC-106 GKIB-106 GKSB-106 GKSA-106 GKSQ-106 GKSP-106
Man9 MAN-9 M9 GKM-002900 GKPC-107 GKIB-107 GKSB-107 GKSA-107 GKSQ-107 GKSP-107
Hybrid-type Native N-Glycan
Hybrid HYBR M5A1B GKH-003510 GKSB-111
Native N-Glycan Cores
NF NF GKR-001001
NN NN GKR-002000 GKSB-100
NNF NNF GKR-002001
Man1 MNN M1 GKR-002100
Man1F MNNF F(6)M1 GKR-002101
Man3 M3N2 M3 GKR-002300 GKSB-101
Man3F M3N2F F(6)M3 GKR-002301 GKSB-102
N-Glycan Libraries
Human IgG N-Glycan Library GKLB-005 GKPC-005 GKIB-005 GKSB-005 GKSA-005 GKSQ-005 GKSP-005
CHO mAb N-Glycan Library GKPC-020 GKSQ-020
CHO mAb N-Glycan Library + CHO mAb Glycoprotein GKPC-020-P GKSQ-020-P
Human α1-acid glycoprotein N-Glycan Library GKLB-001 GKIB-001 GKSB-001 GKSA-001
Bovine Fetuin N-Glycan Library GKLB-002 GKIB-002 GKSB-002 GKSA-002
RNase B N-Glycan Library (High Mannose) GKIB-009 GKSQ-009
Biantennary & High Mannose Partitioned Library GKIB-520 GKSB-520 GKSP-520
α(2-3) Sialylated Biantennary N-Glycan Library GKIB-232 GKSB-232 GKSP-232
α(2-6) Sialylated Biantennary N-Glycan Library GKSB-262 GKSP-262
α(2-3) Sialylated Triantennary N-Glycan Library GKPC-233 GKIB-233 GKSB-233 GKSQ-233 GKSP-233
α(2-6) Sialylated Triantennary N-Glycan Library GKPC-263 GKSB-263 GKSQ-263 GKSP-263
α(2-3) Sialylated Tetraantennary N-Glycan Library GKPC-234 GKIB-234 GKSB-234 GKSQ-234 GKSP-234
α(2-6) Sialylated Tetraantennary N-Glycan Library GKPC-264 GKSB-264 GKSQ-264 GKSP-264
Alignment Standards
Glucose Unit (GU) Ladder GKI-4503 GKPC-503 GKIB-503 GKSB-503 GKSA-503 GKSQ-503 GKSP-503
Internal Migration Standards for Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) GKSQ-500 GKSP-500

Gly-Q Alignment Standards Set


 Structure key3:


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